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With the advent of a number of high profile litigation cases in recent years, the importance of flushing and water treatment has never been higher. The industry recognised this with the introduction of a new BSRIA Application Guide AG 1/2001 in January of 2001, and its second addition in late 2004. The document has been widely adopted as the “benchmark” by many consultants, contractors and specialists within the industry.

Pre-commissioning chemical cleaning is a strategic part of the building completion process, foreign debris will inevitably be found in newly fabricated mechanical pipework systems. If these are allowed to remain in the system this will ultimately cause blockage of such line items as commissioning and regulating valves, strainers etc. which in turn will affect the performance of heat or cooling emitters. There are several different areas of water treatment which CWTS carry out.

Sectional flushing/cleaning can be carried out with the use of correctly sized temporary pumps. This is common in fit-out environments.

Microbiological fouling can cause lengthy delays to the commissioning process and can have a detrimental effect of the fundamental working condition of heating and chilled water systems.

A Biocide wash can be carried out where closed loop systems have been microbiologically fouled. This procedure is necessary when system water has been allowed to be drained post pressure testing or allowed to sit within the system for a lengthy period of time without treatment. An alternative pressure test activity should always be considered.

Sample analysis of closed loop systems is a vital process in maintaining monitoring closed loop system performance.

All our pre-commissioning chemical cleaning of pipework systems is carried out in accordance with the current BSRIA Guide BG 29/2011.

All our pre-commissioning chemical cleaning of pipework systems is carried out in accordance with the current BSRIA Guide BG 29/2011.

CWTS Ltd is able to provide a one stop water treatment solution using our own specialist resources and analysis by our own laboratory for all of the above processes.

CWTS Ltd can provide sterilisation of all domestic and non-domestic water services.

This service can be provided as either a project delivery requirement, or as planned / reactive maintenance.

Analytical Legionella and Potable sample analysis form part of this sterilisation process in accordance with current BS6700 requirements.

Domestic Water Risk assessments can be carried by competent staff detailed records and drawing information are provided as per regulation.

Specialist consultation outlining water treatment pre-commissioning cleaning methodology and guidance is available from technical managers.

Key Services

A comprehensive list of our Flushing and Water Treatment Services is as follows:


  • Flushing to BSRIA BG 29/2011
  • Precommission cleaning of closed systems to BSRIA BG 29/2011
  • Microbiological and Chemical Analysis
  • Site Survey & Risk Assessment
  • L8 Compliance
  • Chlorination/disinfection to BS6700 & HSE ACOP L8
  • Closed system Water Quality Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Cooling Tower decommissioning
  • Supply of Dosing Pots, Air/dirt Separators, sample coolers
  • Tank cleaning
  • Inhibiting/biocide dosing of pressure test water
  • Temporary Pumping

Overview of our services

  • HVAC Commissioning
  • Commissioning Management
  • Water Treatment
  • Chlorination / Sterilisation
  • Legionella Risk Assessments

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